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Whole wheat pasta with enhanced sauce

I was too excited by the pasta to remember to take a picture. We have just moved into a new rental here in Marco Island and the kitchen set up is a little lacking culinarily. We are missing reasonable pots … Continue reading

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Pan roasted chicken breast, mashed rutabaga, haricots verts and mushroom gravy

Last Wednesday we had Chicken Monday. Even though I have posted this meal quite a few times, it is remains one of my favorites. It is so cozy. Everything turned out really well and we spent dinner hour umming our … Continue reading

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Seared scallops with steamed new potatoes and mixed vegetables

In between eating totally out of control, we occasionally eat something reasonable. We got some awesome scallops from Paradise Seafood and had a dinner of seared scallops, steamed new potatoes and mixed vegetables. It is a relief to eat something … Continue reading

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Lentils with turkey sausage, carrots , celery and mushrooms

I have just finished looking through my archives and much to my amazement found that there are no entries for lentils. Lentils are so delicious and so good for you. They are packed with protein and fiber. They are easy … Continue reading

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Whole wheat penne with tuna, asparagus, onions and carrots

Yesterday was a day that I ate a lot of small meals. John played tennis in the morning. We played tennis in the afternoon. And I played tennis in the evening. So needless to say we were hungry a lot. … Continue reading

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Rice medley with asparagus, carrots and green onion

And by rice medley I mean any type of rice that was leftover in the refrigerator. Yesterday we took Sarah to the airport in Ft. Lauderdale. It’s a long boring trip and when we got home, we just wanted something … Continue reading

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January 16, 2012 The sad truth

For some reason I thought it would be easy to eat correctly here in Marco Island. There’s a great fish store and a nice farmer’s market on Wednesdays. What I hadn’t counted on was the corrupting influence of family. First, … Continue reading

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