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Pan roasted chicken with chicken mushroom gravy, rutabagas, and green beans – July 30, 2012

A typical Chicken Monday dinner. I set my eensy chicken breast on a nest of green beans and mushrooms. Having the gravy always makes this dinner better. Rutabagas, eats like a starch, counts like a vegetable.

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Chipotle bean burger, grilled potato and lowfat cole slaw – July 29, 2012

Here in St. George during the summer you have to get up pretty early to get your outdoor exercise in. All week long John and I have been out on the tennis court some days by 7 AM and other … Continue reading

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Salmon, farro and broccoli – July 28, 2012

John found some cedar planks at the grocery store and also wild salmon which was frozen but looked pretty good. Here’s the salmon ready to go on the grill. I had started some farro about an hour before using the … Continue reading

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Whole wheat penne, tuna and a whole mess of vegetables – July 27, 2012

John and I were interested in a GBOF (giant bowl of food.) We decided that the best way to stretch our food points and achieve our goal would be to make a little pasta, add a little tuna and pad … Continue reading

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Lobster tails, tiny new potatoes and collard greens with corn – July 26, 2012

Jonathan likes to call this dinner first world dieting. Guilty as charged. Lobster tails are one of the more extravagant dinners that we have. But as I have said before, we don’t go out to eat very often. If we … Continue reading

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Pork tenderloin, couscous with vegetables and zucchini medley – July 25, 2012

Tonight we had one of our few “meat” meals. By meat, I mean pork, beef or lamb. For most cuts of this trio the fat content is just too high. But pork tenderloin is more like chicken when it comes … Continue reading

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Portobello burger, grilled potato and green beans – July 24, 2012

Happy Pioneer Day! If you don’t live in Utah you probably are not celebrating. Pioneer Day remembers the day that Brigham Young said “this is the place” and he and his followers stopped and settled. If you are not LDS … Continue reading

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