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All-American burger dinner – 10/29/16

Tonight’s dinner we ate in two stages. The two salads we had as an appetizer and then John cooked the burgers as the main. It makes dinner last longer! I really like these two salads. The sweet, oniony, salty dressing … Continue reading

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Pacific cod with chickpea purée, parsley sauce, and zucchini – 10/28/16

This is quite a delicious dish but I need to find better fish. I got frozen Pacific cod fillets from Costco and they just don’t have a lot of flavor. I guess next time I will go over to Whole … Continue reading

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Lentils with turkey sausage – 10/27/16

This is a really comfort food dish for us. We haven’t made it for a while so we are really looking forward to it. We had a hard workout at the gym today and need some food good for building … Continue reading

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Lamb chops, couscous, and broccoli – 10/26/16

We buy Australian lamb from Costco. It is always good quality and everyone in the family likes it. I was looking at the per capita consumption of various meats and it looks like chicken, beef, and pork are far more … Continue reading

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Bucatini and meatballs – 10/25/16

Who doesn’t love some what we call “red Italian.” Growing up on the Jersey shore, this was Italian American food to us. I don’t think I realized that there was any other Italian cuisine involving non-red sauces and polenta or … Continue reading

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Chicken Monday – 10/24/16

Using the immersion circulator continues to be our favorite way of cooking chicken. The meat is perfectly cooked and we finish it with a quick run under the broiler for some color. The sides are left over from yesterday although … Continue reading

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Family Fall Fest – 10/23/16

Since my previous post we drove home from Utah and had breakfast for dinner when we got in from 12 hours on the road. Saturday night we opted for Chinese food. But on Sunday we had the whole family over … Continue reading

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