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Chicken Monday and a new resolve – 1/30/17

I see it has been a week since I posted. Part of that is due to the fact that we were en route back home and most of it is because I have been eating terribly. On December 1 I … Continue reading

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Chicken piccata Monday – 1/23/17

I was talking to my sister today. It’s her birthday! She told me that she had her kids and their wives over for dinner on Saturday as a celebration. Of course as a mom the celebration of her birthday meant … Continue reading

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Scotch broth – 1/23/17

Since we are leaving for home later this week it is time for leftover soup. This soup was made with the lamb chop that I didn’t eat on Saturday and about an inch of turkey sausage plus an ancient pack … Continue reading

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Easy pasta dinner – 1/22/17

We still had some frozen meatballs from when Jon visited in October so decided to make a very easy dinner of penne, with doctored, jarred spaghetti sauce and meatballs. Very enjoyable!

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An underutilized protein – Lamb. 1/21/17

We really enjoy the Australian lamb that is available at Costco. The amount of lamb that Americans eat is minuscule compared with beef consumption. John grilled the lamb and also finished the sweet potatoes on the grill. When everything was … Continue reading

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Don’t pay for extra toppings on your take-out pizza – 1/19/17

Seriously, who can make better toppings for their pizza than the local pizza place – YOU! Usually the vegetable toppings, especially the vegetable toppings, are sadly undercooked or too sparse. Is their anything worse than crunchy uncooked veg on a … Continue reading

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Fajitas – 1/18/17

Fajitas are a Tex-Mex dish and the word “fajitas” means little strips of meat. ┬áIn the recipes I looked at most called for skirt steak but what we had was leftover ribeye steak from the “too rare” night. Unfortunately ribeye … Continue reading

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