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More Memorial Day Grilling – 5/29/17

Memorial Day is, among other things, the unofficial start of summer. In some places such as Florida and here in Utah it certainly feels like summer has been going full blast for a while. Nonetheless it is time to get … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Grilling – 5/28/17

We had our Memorial Day grill fest on Sunday instead of Monday and we had my favorite, burgers. Once again I served them in my semi-roll style. When eating this you flip it over so the roll is on the … Continue reading

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Grilled shrimp, coconut rice, peapods, and pineapple salsa – 5/27/17

Looks good, right? As they say, looks can be deceiving. This was one of the worst dinners we have made in a long time. The best component was the pineapple/habanero salsa I bought. Good concept, bad execution. Way over-salted shrimp, … Continue reading

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Portion control – Steak, baked potato, and broccoli – 5/26/17

I know that you cannot live your life eating only ultra low-calorie protein.  I have tried that and merely rebounded after starting to eat “normally” again. And, if you are not a vegetarian or vegan, chances are that you will … Continue reading

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Utah arrival day – 5/25/17

Eating on the road and when we first arrive at the Utah house is always hard.  We started out today eating the hotel complimentary breakfast. This is a lot like an airline breakfast. The food is cheap. I had some … Continue reading

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Baby broccoli, tuna, and penne – Eat down dinner – 5/23/17

We are leaving for Utah tomorrow so we need to eat up some of these vegetables that we have in the refrigerator. Plus the herbs outside are growing rampantly and we should use one of those as well. With this … Continue reading

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Delicious scallops! – 5/22/17

Normally we do not fry anything.  However, we found that these scallops which ended up being too watery to sear properly can be cooked to delicious perfection by frying them. If the only thing you ever eat fried are scallops … Continue reading

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