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Leftover fresh tomato sauce – 7/29/17

The fresh tomato sauce from a couple of night’s ago is sitting in the refrigerator and we have been out all day and I do not feel like making the planned dinner. So I decide to boil up some pasta, … Continue reading

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Firing up the grill – 7/27/17

It is grilling night! John selects one of the rib eye cap steaks that I bought at Costco last week. He grills it on low until it reads 115F and then finishes it on high. In the meantime I make … Continue reading

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Salad, peppers and onions, polenta, sausage – 7/27/17

Leftovers night! The sausages and polenta are from the night we had friends over for dinner, the peppers and onions are newly made but originally for the friends dinner, and the salad is the same as the golden beet, tomato, … Continue reading

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Fresh tomato/basil sauce – 7/26/17

I made this sauce with three pounds of our large supply of tomatoes. I blanched and peeled the tomatoes but did not de-seed them. Here is my process – Blanch, peel, and chop tomatoes Saute 1/2 onion, 1/2 tsp. pepper … Continue reading

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Curried chicken and rice – 7/25/17

Using pre-cooked chicken strips means that this dinner only takes about a half an hour to rustle up. John sautes the curry spices while I cut up an onion, garlic, carrot, and ginger. They are added to the spices and … Continue reading

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Cool salad on a hot night – 7/24/17

I made this visually stunning and delicious salad last night for dinner. The key components were a bed of arugula, diced watermelon and roasted golden beet, a variety of chunked heirloom tomatoes, and crumbled feta. It is dressed with a … Continue reading

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Reacting rather than planning – 7/22/17

I have been often accused of over-planning so here is an example of what happens with no planning. I did not decide early on a very hot day what was for dinner. I knew that it was going to be … Continue reading

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