Pizza is a bargain in Italy. 12/13/18

We have crossed the continent and the ocean and here we are in Italy embarking on a three week celebration with family. Daughter is with us and son and daughter-in-law will follow in about a week’s time.

Today we spend time in Viterbo seeing ancient churches and their artwork. At around 1 PM we head to a local restaurant for some pizza. The pizza here is so good and is quick cooked in a blazing hot oven. Probably they only take two to three minutes to cook through. The crust bubbles up around the edges and there is a delicious char. I have a pizza marinara which is totally vegan – no cheese , no meat. It is just crust, tomato sauce, basil, and olive oil. For 7 euros or the equivalent of about $8, you get your own fairly large pizza and a beer. What a delicious deal!

My pizza marinara and my companions pizza with cheese and spicy salami

For dinner we pretty much just skip it. We have a glass of wine and a little cheese and that is it. Usually the dining tempo of our days is substantial breakfast and large late lunch, plus small or no dinner.

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