🥬 Pasta and chickpea soup. 9/21/19

Autumn is coming even though here in Northern California it is supposed to be near to 100F in the coming week. So I am thinking warm, cozy soups. I have lots of warm weather dishes that I am so eager to make.

Tonight’s soup is kind of a crossover dish. It is hearty but it is quick to make so it does not heat up the kitchen. This is my take on a recipe from NY Times Cooking, Chickpea Stew with Orzo and Mustard Greens. It is behind a paywall, unfortunately. It is basically a vegetable soup with chickpeas and I use ditalini instead of orzo and spinach instead of mustard greens. To keep the soup vegan omit the Parmesan cheese from the original recipe and use vegetable stock rather than chicken.

Chickpea and pasta soup


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