🐟 Penne with tuna and snow peas. 9/28/19

Thursday’s dinner was another “pantry” dinner.  Some pasta, a can of tuna, olive oil, an herb, and a vegetable. Although I used fresh snow peas and tarragon, it could just as easily have been made with frozen peas and dried parsley or oregano.

John boiled the whole wheat penne in salted water while I sautéed some onions and garlic. When the pasta was nearly done I added the snow peas and tarragon. After he added the pasta to the pot and I had made a kind of sauce out of pasta water and olive oil, I put in the tuna trying not to break it apart too much. For finishing I added a little drizzle of our best olive oil and some cracked black pepper.

WW points – 11

Whole wheat penne with tuna and snow peas

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