🍤 Back to sane eating. 9/30/19

Apple pie! Soup with a stick of butter in it! Hunks of homemade bread! Yes, I ate it all yesterday but as I used to tell my classes at Weight Watchers, you are not overweight because you ate a piece of birthday cake on your birthday. It is because you eat the cake on all the other days too! Granted since we celebrate both Jewish and Christian holidays I have a few more opportunities than are good for me, but the most important thing is to get right back to eating correctly.

On Monday John sauteed some shrimp and I made rice pilaf and broccoli. This dinner is a solid, healthy dinner.  WW points – 7 (we used a little oil and a little light butter) What I ate on Sunday is like how professional athletes look at their losses. First what can I learn from it, and second, forget it.

On to the new week!

Shrimp, rice pilaf, broccoli
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