🦃 Lentil soup with turkey kielbasa. 11/2/19

According to my menu for the week, we are supposed to be eating tuna sandwiches tonight. However we went to the Habit Grill for lunch and two tuna meals seems like one too many. Special hint about dieting and eating at Habit—you can order the tuna sandwich as a lettuce wrap. Bring along a toasted half pita, take off any excess lettuce, and stuff your tuna, a little of the lettuce, and the tomato in. You probably will not be able to fit all the tuna in so when you finish your delicious tuna pita you still have a salad of the leftover lettuce and tuna. Avoiding their roll and also the teriyaki sauce means way fewer calories and WW points.

To get back on topic what we made for our dinner for two was lentil soup with 4 oz. turkey kielbasa, onions, celery, and carrots. Healthy and filling!! WW=2 points

Lentil soup with turkey kielbasa

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