🥬 Moroccan chickpea stew. 11/7/19

Moroccan chickpea stew was a new recipe for us. It had mixed reviews. Instead of using dried apricots I substituted an apple and that substitution made the whole dish way too sweet for me. Our daughter agreed but John liked it. There is a long list of ingredients and a lot of chopping—onion, garlic, ginger, turnip, fennel, apple, carrot, cilantro, and chard. Although there are all those different vegetables plus chickpeas everything tasted pretty much the same (except for the apple.) We will have to do a major rework of this recipe if we are going to eat it again. WW points = 4.

P.S. I got my recipe from the NYTimes Cooking site but there are lots of similar recipes on the internet for free.  Some include potatoes. Others use raisins for sweetness. Many do not have an overtly sweet component. Next time I will try a recipe more aligned with my I-hate-anything-sweet-in-my-savory-dishes point of view! Find a recipe that sounds good to you!

Moroccan chickpea stew

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