🦃 Happy Early Thanksgiving! 11/8/19

Next week we are going to go to Southeast Asia. How exciting is that?! While we are there we are going to learn about history and see the sights plus take some culinary classes! We are really hoping to become more well-rounded cooks. However, we are missing Thanksgiving. Our son has taken over cooking duties for his and his wife’s family and our daughter is going to celebrate her first Friendsgiving. So all bases are covered.

Tonight John cooked a chicken breast that he had paillarded. We defrosted some turkey gravy that we had been saving since last Thanksgiving. I made mashed butternut squash and broccoli. We toasted each other with a glass of Chardonnay. Happy Thanksgiving!!

WW points = 2

Chicken breast with turkey gravy, mashed butternut squash, and broccoli

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