🥬 Spicy Thai basil eggplant with tofu. 11/9/19

Spicy Thai basil eggplant with tofu is our favorite dish to order when we go out to a Thai restaurant. We have tried over the years to replicate it at home usually with rather lackluster results. Before making it this time I did a new search and found a new recipe to try from One Green Planet. We got some stellar results. We made some changes, of course, to adapt the recipe to our current diet plan, cutting way back on the cooking oil and the sugar in the sauce. And we do wish we had made a bit more sauce. But this rendition was very good. The tofu emerged as the real star. We will make it again.

I added a small green salad with a creamy sweet mayo dressing like you sometimes get in Thai restaurants. We served our eggplant and tofu over rice. Omit the salad or change the salad dressing for a completely vegan experience.

WW points not including rice = 4

Spicy Thai basil eggplant with tofu

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