🥬 Grilled portobello mushrooms with coleslaw (again!) 11/10/19

Grilled portobello mushroom with coleslaw

What can I say? I love this dinner! So I guess you will see it popping up on my blog about once every ten days. It is simple and easy to prepare, delivers big flavor, and fits really well into my diet plan.

Speaking of my diet plan, I have lost a little over 16 lbs. in 7 weeks and it really was not a struggle at all. Basically all I had to do was mostly cut out my wine drinking, substitute popcorn for chips, and eat a healthier mostly plant and fish based regimen. I am rarely hungry, I can go out to lunch easily, and look forward to finding new and interesting things to prepare.

John grilled the mushrooms after marinating them and I made the coleslaw. The dressing for the coleslaw consists of a combo of light mayo, Greek yogurt, mustard, vinegar, celery seed, salt, and a little sweetener. We served the our mushroom burgers with some grilled onions, a little mayo, and basil.

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