🐟 The Habit Grill hack. 11/12/19

When it comes to sort of fast food, I like to eat at The Habit Burger Grill.  But I do not want to spend precious WW points eating a burger on a bun. That would be more than half of my total daily points! At The Habit you can get their burgers and sandwiches as a lettuce wrap. So I order the tuna filet sandwich as a lettuce wrap.

Tuna lettuce wrap

I am not satisfied with a piece of tuna in a bunch of lettuce, though. I bring along a toasted pita half, cut a pita-sized portion of the tuna and stuff it, some lettuce, and a slice of tomato into my pita. Now I have a nice hand-held sandwich to eat. WW points=4 for the tuna and its dressing (no teriyaki sauce, please) and WW points=2 for the pita, so a total of 6 WW points.

Tuna filet with lettuce and tomato in a pita

But I am not done yet! In addition I get a totally free salad with the leftover lettuce, tomato, and tuna!!

Leftovers salad

To embellish your salad there are lemon slices and pepperoncini. Granted it is a little messy getting your pita pocket sandwich made but this a great way to stretch your WW points budget.


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  1. Reblogged this on Crackling Pork Rinds and commented:
    This might not fit in with my day’s reblogs today, but it was just too cool of a suggestion to avoid. I’m assuming she’s using tuna steak. You have to be rich or feel rich for the day you do this.


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