🥬 Root vegetable soup. 12/6/19

On Monday for our belated Thanksgiving dinner we made mashed rutabagas. The rutabaga that we bought was massive, one of those waxed ones that we rarely see here on the west coast. It was delicious but we had a lot left over. I used it in a root vegetable soup for lunch today.

The recipe calls for a chopped up onion and then one cup each of diced butternut squash, rutabaga, carrots, Granny Smith apple, and sweet potato. I did not have a sweet potato but I did have my leftover mashed rutabaga, a delicata squash, the onion, carrots, and a Honeycrisp apple. You are supposed to start with a stick of butter so I splurged and put in a tablespoon. I used a quart of vegetable stock as the cooking liquid. When everything was soft I used a stick blender to whiz it up, added some more salt, an ounce of heavy cream, and a pinch of cayenne pepper. I had a bowl. John had two bowls and there is still a bunch left over. It made a Friday lunch taste like a holiday!

Root vegetable soup

Omit yogurt on top and the cream, and sweat the onion in oil for a vegan version.

WW blue points for one serving = 2 (cream, butter)

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