🍗 Comfort food – Chicken breast, smashed potato, Brussels sprouts. 2/22/19

There is a lot going on in the kitchen today. I am making pulled pork and John is roasting beef bones for gravy and then using them to make stock. Our daughter is working on making a panettone in remembrance of the fabulous one we had last Christmas in Florence, Italy. So the idea of a complicated chicken cacciatore has lost its appeal and we decide to make a straightforward chicken dinner.

John pan roasts the chicken breast and makes a packet of McCormacks chicken gravy. I steam some new potatoes and then smash them with just salt and pepper-no cream or butter. I also make what the family refers to as IYBS, incredibly yummy Brussels sprouts. I slice the B. Sprouts in half and season them with salt and a tiny bit of sugar then steam them cut side down for a couple of minutes.When the water is gone I add a bit of butter and a tablespoon of dry sherry. When the sprouts are browned, they are done. Yum!

Chicken breast and smashed potatoes with gravy and IYBS
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