🥬 New! Coconut red curry with tofu 12/28/19

I wish I could link the NYTimes Cooking site recipes to my blog but they are behind a paywall. So if you are subscribing to the app, you might want to try this recipe with the following caveats!

John and I had been wanting to try this. It looked like a filling vegan dish. But it was sooooo spicy with just a third of the red curry paste and no Thai chiles that I don’t know how people eat it. I was coughing, sneezing, and my eyes and nose were running. The dish is basically tofu, mushrooms, and snow peas in a red curry paste and coconut milk sauce. We used light coconut milk which was a mistake because you need the creaminess of the full fat coconut milk to help cut the spicy hotness. My basic warning is to taste your red curry paste to judge its hotness before you blithely put in 3 T.

WW blue points = 6 (rice, coconut milk, oil)

Coconut red curry with tofu over rice

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