⚓️ Scallops, snow peas, steamed new potatoes 1/7/20

Scallops, snow peas and steamed potatoes-if you are me there is nothing better. This is my favorite meal for special events and for every day.  We were at Costco this morning and scallops were on the “to buy” list. Once they were in the cart, I wanted them for dinner. It is good that John likes them a lot, too!

There is no real recipe for this. John sears the scallops. I steam the potatoes, and sauté the snow peas. I make some tartar sauce. And then we dig into the best low calorie meal ever created. Yum!

WW blue points = 6 (oil, mayo, potatoes, lite canola butter)

Scallops, snow peas, steamed potatoes

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