🥩 Grilled flank steak. 1/9/20

I have to admit that I kind of went off the rails on Wednesday. Cooking, dieting, cooking, dieting, I needed a break. Although I had planned a nice vegetarian meal of bean tacos, they never got made. John was a willing accomplice when I suggested Chinese take-out. So we sort of overdid it with moo shu pork, steamed rice, and Mongolian beef. I am paying for it at the scale. Mea culpa.

Anyway we are back on track with a grilled flank steak, baked potato, and Brussels sprouts. Flank steak is a fairly lean piece of meat and coupled with a half potato and a green vegetable makes a nutritious and filling meal. John does a great job cooking the meat and I give him the two potato halves that I have microwaved to finish on the grill. While he is busy outside I sauté the B. sprouts and just wish I could use a bunch of butter to brown them better.

WW blue points = 9

Grilled flank steak, baked and grilled potato, Brussels sprouts

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