🍤 Vietnamese sweet and sour soup. 1/16/20

John did most of the prep on our third soup of the week while I was out having lunch with our daughter. Then he cooked the soup later! So my contribution was cutting the shrimp into thirds, draining the tomatoes, and being the taste tester along the way. We decided to include some julienned carrots this time and I think they pushed the sweetness over the top for me. (This means it was perfect for John and the rest of the world who are not as sweet adverse as I am.) For the original recipe see my post from December.

Vietnamese sweet and sour soup with shrimp

I am off for an extended weekend with my best friend. We can compare diets! She is eliminating gluten and sugar and I am going the WW route.  We have both lost over 20 lbs.  When it comes to weight loss you have to do what works best for you!



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