🐓 Chicken dinner. 1/23/20

I am back from my long weekend in San Antonio. While there I ate fish and shrimp tacos, salad with shrimp, shrimp with rice, and two dishes of fish filet with vegetables and rice. It is very hard to eat in a healthy manner when dining out so I usually order vegetables, shellfish or fish.

Fish tacos

Thai island shrimp

So my first dinner at home needed to be something other than seafood!

Tonight’s dinner was just simple chicken and vegetables—a pan roasted chicken breast that we split between the two of us, some broccoli and snowpeas, and rutabagas that I cooked in the Instant Pot and mashed up. Sometimes “nothing fancy” really hits the spot.

WW blue points = 2 (oil, light butter)

Chicken breast with mashed rutabagas and a broccoli-snowpea combination

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