🥬 Veg fried rice/mujadara crossover. 1/24/20

Tonight’s dinner was supposed to be vegetarian fried rice with tofu. But the grocery store we went to was out of extra-firm tofu! So I had to figure out a different protein. I considered beans but decided on quick cooking lentils. John said it was like mujadara with a bunch of vegetables, and Chinese seasoning.

I wish the lentils had been a little firmer. I should have stopped at 20 minutes. Otherwise we loved the flavors of the rice lentil mixture with practically every vegetable we had in the house – onion, green onion, fennel, carrot, celery, three kinds of peppers, and mushrooms. There was also an omelette that John sliced up. For seasonings we added ginger, garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil, and sesame seeds. This no-recipe recipe turned out pretty good. Next time I think I will use chickpeas!

For a vegan version, omit egg. WW blue points = 5 (oil, rice, sesame seeds)

Lentil/rice/vegetable collision


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