🥬 Pinto bean and vegetable stew over rice. 2/3/20

First, I missed posting our Sunday dinner because I was busy getting another blog I have up to date. Sunday’s dinner is our usual BFD or breakfast for dinner. It is the one night of the week where I don’t have to think much about meal prep. I make a breakfast that I like and John makes one that he likes and it is all sort of minimalist. This Sunday I made a bonus salad since I had an avocado that needed using.

Green salad with tomatoes, pepitas, and avocado

My BDF consisted of two eggs scrambled, a veggie breakfast patty, and toast. John made himself an omelet which I never saw since a lot of times he will eat a quick dinner like this standing up in the kitchen.

Scrambled eggs, veggie patty, and toast

Now on to the main event for Meatless Monday. Originally we were going to have a chickpea stew but I am bored with that and I wanted to use up some leftover rice from last week. My first thought was to use cannellini beans but I apparently ate the last can we had in three of my lunches last week. My bad.

So I switched to pinto beans with a bunch of sautéed vegetables, some vegetable stock, and   a half container of spinach and arugula. It actually came out quite well! The beans thickened up the stock, the vegetables were just cooked through, and there was a sweetness from the carrots which balanced nicely with the bitterness of the arugula. My no-recipe recipe turned out really well and I am sure I will make this again.

Pinto bean stew over rice

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