🦃 Lentil soup with turkey sausage. 2/15/20

I’m back from our little road trip to Portland, OR and so happy to return in my kitchen. While away I tried to eat some things that I don’t make at home. I had pho twice and even found a place to try the veggie combo Ethiopian style. I feel excited to try some new things.

However, the food landscape at our house was looking pretty bleak when it comes to making dinner last night. I resolved to use as many vegetables as I could that were looking mighty sad in the refrigerator. With me chopping and John sautéing we were ready for dinner in no time.

The lentils in the soup are bolstered by chicken stock and turkey sausage. To make it filling I used carrots, celery, onion, mushrooms, green onions, jalapeño, leaf lettuce, and parsley. The jalapeño kind of took over the flavor but John likes spicy stuff so it worked out.

Colorful and healthful lentil soup with turkey sausage


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