🥬 Vegetable soup with beans. 2/17/20

We are supposed to have fish tonight. We went to Whole Foods today to buy it (on sale) so it would be as fresh as possible. Then I am reaching into the refrigerator and notice that the light inside is not working. I go tell John and in doing so notice that the clock is not working. Uh oh, a power outage. Our power is not supposed to come back on until either 8 PM or 3 AM. We make some popcorn. You know you can actually pop microwave popcorn in a pot on the stove? Anyway, as the sun goes down completely, any idea of fish is gone.

So at some point the electricity comes back on sooner than 8 PM and it is time to make something quick for dinner. I cut up some onions and garlic and John sautes them. Then I add carrots, celery, and potatoes plus some tomatoes that need using. We add pinto beans and vegetable stock. Cook the whole thing for about 15 minutes and then add some spinach. When it is wilted, it is time to eat.

Vegetable soup with beans, potatoes, and spinach

Our emergency dinner turns out to be quite tasty, quick and easy to make, and it is a very healthy choice as well. Fish tomorrow night!

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