🥬 Instant Pot Chana Dal (split chickpea stew) 2/19/20

Boy, is this delicious! And quick and easy! Here is the simple recipe to follow https://pipingpotcurry.com/instant-pot-chana-dal/#wprm-recipe-container-6238  Thanks pipingpotcurry.com!

Chana dal with rice and broccoli

My changes are to skip the Asafoetida because I do not have any and to cook the Chana dal a little longer (14 minutes) and do a release of residual steam after 10 minutes of cool down. This time, after opening my instant pot, I put in the broccoli and then put the lid on so that the broccoli could cook in the remaining steam heat. I saved washing another pot this way!

Even though I have vowed not to take seconds at dinner, I cannot help myself and go back for an additional ladleful! Try this super vegan Indian inspired dish!

(I found split chickpeas at my local Neighborhood WalMart Grocery Store in the international foods section.)


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