šŸ„¬ Spicy red lentils with squash (masoor dal). 2/24/20

This dish is similar to the split chickpea entree I made last week. Red lentils are quicker cooking than split chickpeas which I had to soak and then cook in my Instant Pot.
They both have onion, ginger, cloves, chili, coriander, cumin, and tomatoes but spiced red lentils have turmeric and a sweet potato! Since I did not have any sweet potatoes handy I used some frozen butternut squash which worked fine. At the end you whisk it together and the sweet potato or butternut squash sort of disintegrates. What looks like parmesan cheese in the picture is actually coconut so this is a vegan dinner. The inspiration for this dish is a recipe by Nigella Lawson on the NYTimes Cooking site.

Spiced red lentils with rice and broccoli

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