🥬 Farro with mushroom and leeks. 2/28/20

Tonight we try a new recipe, farro with mushroom and leeks (other major players include yogurt, chives, and dill). After sautéing the mushrooms and leeks, John pops them in a low oven to keep them warm while cooking the farro. The farro cooks risotto-style adding a little warm stock at a time. Once the farro is cooked, the two components are put together along with the various garnishes.

Farro with mushrooms and leeks served with broccoli

Here is another picture where you can see the farro better.

John is pretty enthused about this dish. I am less so. I like using the oven method for the farro. It brings out the inherent nuttiness of the grain. Maybe we can find a way of combining oven-baked farro with mushrooms and leeks in the future.

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