🥬 Afghani dal. 3/14/20

This dinner wasn’t even on the menu this week but we just did not feel like going to the fuss of scallops. Since we are stuck here at home due to social distancing (which you should take very seriously!) I did all the mise en place in the morning which made the actual cooking of dinner a breeze.

The red lentils used in this dish turn a bright yellow when cooked. The turmeric in the spice mixture helps the bright yellow along.  I topped mine with some Greek yogurt and cumin but you can leave that out if you want a vegan dish. The full recipe is here.

We had a Mediterrean type salad and pita with dinner. Along with lettuce and tomatoes I put some of my lunchtime chickpea spread in mine. John used feta, olives, and pepperoncini in his. We each had an apple for dessert.

Afghani dal with Mediterrean salad

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