🥬 Chipotle bean burger and collard greens. 3/18/20

I cannot take any credit for the chipotle bean burgers since they are made by Morningstar and cooking them is just one minute on each side on high in the microwave. I served mine with a little barbecue sauce and John had his on a hamburger bun. The vegetable is a different story, though. Usually I make collard greens by toasting some garlic in a little oil and then sautéing the ribbons of collards with some corn. I often add a little sugar if they are particular bitter and a little vinegar for some acid.  Last night I cut strings of onions, sliced the garlic, and added carrot peelings to the mix. John also asked me to dice up the stems so I had to boil them in a little water first so they wouldn’t be hard. I added the little bit of sugar and vinegar and completely forgot the corn. The collards were really good and were the star of the plate.

Chipotle bean burger, BBQ sauce, collard greens with onions, garlic, and carrot

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