🥬 Composed salad. 3/20/20

In these harried days when no one is composed, make a composed salad out of leftovers and what you have in your fridge.  Starting with a bed of romaine, I put some egg salad, corn and diced asparagus stems, edamame, new potatoes, and tomatoes on top. It was dressed with a low-fat vinaigrette.  Some of the components were warm and others at room temperature. I had made similar salads starring tuna salad or chickpea purée for lunch and I figured a slightly hardier one could work for dinner.

Dinner salad: romaine, egg salad, small potatoes, asparagus and corn succotash, tomatoes, and edamame

Lunch salad: chickpeas with juniper berries, spinach, pickles, mushrooms, tomatoes, olives, pita

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