🐟. Scallops with collard greens melange. 4/4/20

Instead of having the usual scallops, potatoes, and collard greens, I expanded the veg and cut out the starch. I know that as I approach my goal weight-wise it becomes more difficult to lose weight so I have to cut calories where I can (without giving up my beloved popcorn!) The vegetable turned out pretty well. I chopped up the collard stems and added them to the pan first with onions, the frozen corn, and chunkier pieces of carrots. After about 5 minutes I put in the collard leaf chiffonade and the thin slices of carrot. The dish was seasoned with some garlic powder, salt, a dash of sugar and vinegar, plus light butter. I made a bed of the colorful vegetable melange for the yummy seared scallops to sit on. Such a good meal!

Seared scallops with collard greens, corn, onions, and carrots

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