Cookies sense my fear and loathing. 4/21/18

I do not like sweet things and I really despise how sugar and flour get all over the kitchen when you bake things. I made snickerdoodle cookies today because we may be invited to some neighbor’s house tomorrow and I have to bring something. This being Utah I cannot simply bring a bottle of wine.

I think these sweet things that I try to make sense my fear and loathing of them. To spite me they never come out the way they are supposed to. In fact I have made cookies for my children when they were kids and they actually would not eat them.

I present my snickerdoodle cookies. They spread out too much so some ended up touching each other. They are too thin. After I adjusted for them coming out so large, they stopped doing it so I have different sized cookies. Some got a little dark even though I was cooking them the same amount of time. My daughter makes these cookies and they come out perfectly. My cookies definitely do not like me.

Variable snickerdoodle cookies

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