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Grilling with the family. 8/9/20

Today we had a typical pandemic Sunday lunch on our patio with our kids. After we finished playing tennis and everyone got cleaned up our son helped me make a Thai inspired tomato and cucumber salad. He did a lot … Continue reading

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Let them eat cake! 5/7/20

Our daughter made a panettone for me for Mother’s Day. She thought the rising time would take longer so we ended up with cake on Thursday. It was delicious! Happy early Mother’s Day to me!

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Off the rails! 10/29/19

I have been doing pretty well on my weight loss journey. I lost 11 lbs. in the first 5 weeks. But then, dunh, dunh, dunhhhh, my sister came to visit. I tend to be quite the pushover when it comes … Continue reading

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🥬 Rosh Hashanah dinner. 9/29/19

We had a really fine dinner to celebrate Rosh Hashanah and it was vegetarian to boot! Our daughter and I went crazy baking. I made an apple pie since apples are symbolic for the holiday and our daughter made challah. … Continue reading

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Share dessert. 8/1/19

I am sure you already do this but I thought I would bring it up anyway. My mantra used to be, never eat a dessert after a meal, save it for a special time when you can eat and savor … Continue reading

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Holiday dinner. 4/27/19

Our belated family Passover dinner was a big success culinarily. It was less of a success family-wise because both grandkids and their mom were sick and could not come. So that was a real letdown.  Feel better soon! But since … Continue reading

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I don’t like sweet! 3/31/19

Oh, there are so many desserts here on this cruise ship. There are myriad chocolate choices, glazed this and that, and oozing pastries. What is a sweet hater to do? Although I know that John likes the occasional sweet, he … Continue reading

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Nana banana cake. 3/19/19

On Saturday is our daughter’s birthday. Last week I bought a couple of bananas hoping that they will ripen enough for me to make one of the few desserts that I know how to make – Nana banana cake. John’s … Continue reading

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Birthday cake! 1/12/18

Our daughter-in-law’s sister is an expert cake maker/decorator. She has appeared and won a competition on Food Network. For her nephew’s (our grandson’s) birthday she always makes amazing cakes. This year’s cake was the cartoon character, Pusheen. Pusheen appears in … Continue reading

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Birthday Celebration! 12/8/18

Every year I celebrate my birthday with my friend who has a birthday the day after mine. We have been doing this for many years, probably more years than most of my readers have been alive! It is a fun … Continue reading

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