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Holiday dinner. 4/27/19

Our belated family Passover dinner was a big success culinarily. It was less of a success family-wise because both grandkids and their mom were sick and could not come. So that was a real letdown.  Feel better soon! But since … Continue reading

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I don’t like sweet! 3/31/19

Oh, there are so many desserts here on this cruise ship. There are myriad chocolate choices, glazed this and that, and oozing pastries. What is a sweet hater to do? Although I know that John likes the occasional sweet, he … Continue reading

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Nana banana cake. 3/19/19

On Saturday is our daughter’s birthday. Last week I bought a couple of bananas hoping that they will ripen enough for me to make one of the few desserts that I know how to make – Nana banana cake. John’s … Continue reading

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Birthday cake! 1/12/18

Our daughter-in-law’s sister is an expert cake maker/decorator. She has appeared and won a competition on Food Network. For her nephew’s (our grandson’s) birthday she always makes amazing cakes. This year’s cake was the cartoon character, Pusheen. Pusheen appears in … Continue reading

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Birthday Celebration! 12/8/18

Every year I celebrate my birthday with my friend who has a birthday the day after mine. We have been doing this for many years, probably more years than most of my readers have been alive! It is a fun … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 11/22/18

Happy Thanksgiving! We have finally finished cleaning up and have had our first day of leftovers. Our daughter is taking the remnants of our meal to a Friendsgiving today so all we will have left is some turkey that I … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day cookout. 5/13/18

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. For the most part we do a pretty terrific job taking care of our children plus working outside the home and working inside the home. I hope everyone had a pleasant … Continue reading

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