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Dining at kid-friendly places

Yay! We have started our trip! One of the challenges for me is to find dining selections that now are supposed to be 1) things I like. 2) lower in carbs. 3) lower in calories. This is not an easy … Continue reading

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BFD (Breakfast for Dinner). 6/3/19

Today we had a little outing to Sonoma County Wine Country which is about one and a half hours away. Our plan is to pick up our wine club selections and treat ourselves to a nice lunch. There are not … Continue reading

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Slivered pears in a salad. 4/16/19

We are coming home tomorrow and I will be so glad to get back in the kitchen! I have picked up a few ideas while away that I will be hoping to incorporate into my cooking. One idea is generally … Continue reading

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Porchetta. 4/7/19

I have been a little derelict with posting to my Omnivore site while we have been on vacation. This is partly due to the fact that I am busy writing my travel/personal blog every day and partly because I am … Continue reading

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Cruise dining. 3/28/19

We have spent all day yesterday flying across the country and we have landed in San Juan, Puerto Rico where we board our ship. It is easy to overeat on a cruise ship. The food is endless. My plan for … Continue reading

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Mini-vacay over, weekend menu. 3/7/19

We are back from the California Desert which, by the way, is blooming due to the tons of rain we have had. I used to think that all deserts were like the Sahara, all sand and dunes, but out here … Continue reading

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Good choice when dining out. 3/3/19

We are down in SoCal which is what Californians call Southern California. We are here to see a couple of days of the BNP Paribas Tennis Open. We have attended this event in whole or in part for many years. … Continue reading

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