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🥩 Linguine with meat sauce and salad. 9/19/19

In deference to my diet I made less pasta and filled half my bowl with salad. I made the spaghetti sauce in July and I do not know the exact amounts of the ingredients so I could not assign a … Continue reading

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🥬 Vegan vegetable soup in half an hour. 9/18/19

Tonight is supposed to be chickpea stew but I have vegetables calling to me, so, change in plans! Here is how to get homemade vegetable soup on the table fast. Cut up the onions first. Turn your pan on medium … Continue reading

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🍗 Three cup chicken 9/16/19

One thing I am learning from keeping track of everything I eat is that I have been eating in a pretty healthy manner except between 5PM and 7PM. Between those hours John and I would drink our glasses of wine … Continue reading

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🥬 Red lentils with brown rice. 9/16/19

Here is a couple of cool things about red (actually coral colored) lentils. They turn yellow when you cook them! They cook really quickly, in about fifteen minutes! So if you are hankering for a quick vegan meal, sauté some … Continue reading

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Weekly menu. 9/15/19-9/21/19

Hi, I am back! John and I have taken a vacation while I was pondering over what to do with my blog and we got back yesterday. Many thanks to the folks who stopped by even when I was not … Continue reading

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Having a little break. 8/28/19

Hi my fellow vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, and omnivores! I am on a little break right now and plan on resuming with my almost every day dinner ideas that I cook up with my husband, John, around the middle of September. … Continue reading

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Vichyssoise – a summer potato soup. 8/22/19

There are two components to tonight’s dinner, a Mediterranean salad and a French soup. There is some question as to whether vichyssoise is a French or American creation. Potato and leek soup served hot has been around in France since … Continue reading

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