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Chicken Monday. 1/14/19

Tonight John grilled some chicken thighs and I made broccoli and a corn casserole.  The dinner was not a total success because the chicken got over-cooked and the corn was a little rich. However, it was dinner and we will … Continue reading

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Eggs and snausage. 1/13/19

I love eggs and snausage for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Just to be clear, I am not recommending dog treats for dinner. Snausage is the name John and I use to identify vegetarian sausage from carnivore sausage. We use Morningstar … Continue reading

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Weekly menu. 1/13/19

I have not made up a weekly menu since the middle of November. That is not surprising, I guess, since Thanksgiving, The Birthdays, and the Trip to Italy have intervened. To get us off to healthy 2019 I think it … Continue reading

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Birthday cake! 1/12/18

Our daughter-in-law’s sister is an expert cake maker/decorator. She has appeared and won a competition on Food Network. For her nephew’s (our grandson’s) birthday she always makes amazing cakes. This year’s cake was the cartoon character, Pusheen. Pusheen appears in … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with meat sauce. 12/11/18

Having eaten Italian food for three weeks in December I took a little break from it after we got home. Now I think enough time has passed to start making it again. The sauce I make is based on ground … Continue reading

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Sausage and bean stew/soup. 12/9/19

We still have some of the red beans from January 1st left in the refrigerator. Today I take the rest of the beans, the smoked sausage that I forgot to put in the red beans and rice I made, and … Continue reading

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Classic chicken dinner. 1/8/19

Have I really not made this dinner since November 12 last year? Wow, this is something usually I cook every week or at least every two weeks. My life must have gotten very busy! John puts a chicken breast which … Continue reading

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