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🦃 Happy Early Thanksgiving! 11/8/19

Next week we are going to go to Southeast Asia. How exciting is that?! While we are there we are going to learn about history and see the sights plus take some culinary classes! We are really hoping to become … Continue reading

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🥬 Rosh Hashanah dinner. 9/29/19

We had a really fine dinner to celebrate Rosh Hashanah and it was vegetarian to boot! Our daughter and I went crazy baking. I made an apple pie since apples are symbolic for the holiday and our daughter made challah. … Continue reading

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Father’s Day dinner. 6/16/19

When I was growing up the thing that my father liked to do on Father’s Day was play golf all day and then come home and watch the U.S. Open on TV. I think for him, not being with the … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day!

We are back from our little vacation with our son and his kids. We ate a lot of marginal food – burgers, pizza, tacos, etc., anything that the kids wanted. There really was not much to blog about. I brought … Continue reading

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Dining at kid-friendly places

Yay! We have started our trip! One of the challenges for me is to find dining selections that now are supposed to be 1) things I like. 2) lower in carbs. 3) lower in calories. This is not an easy … Continue reading

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Memorial Day grilling. 5/27/1

Memorial Day weekend is usually considered the kickoff to summer. So along with the more somber activities of the holiday such as visiting cemeteries and laying wreaths honoring our war dead, we also have parades and cook-outs. We had a … Continue reading

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Pretzel rolls!!! 5/12/19

Since I am still pretty sick with this cold, all our plans were cancelled for Mother’s Day. This means I don’t get to see our son and daughter-in-law or our grandkids, or sip mimosas, and open lots of cards. So … Continue reading

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