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🍤 Shrimp in a Pernod cream sauce. 2/22/20

Here is a dish that George Washington could have enjoyed on his birthday! A melange of finely diced vegetables (fennel, tomatoes, onions, garlic, celery, and bell pepper), herbs, and spices (thyme, oregano, bay leaf, saffron, cayenne and salt) are sautéed … Continue reading

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🐟. Salade Niçoise. 2/21/20

Salade Nicoise is a main course salad.  Mostly it is just an assembly of  component parts. I used the same pot of boiling water to cook the egg, blanch the snow peas, and boil the potatoes. I have a salad … Continue reading

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Vichyssoise – a summer potato soup. 8/22/19

There are two components to tonight’s dinner, a Mediterranean salad and a French soup. There is some question as to whether vichyssoise is a French or American creation. Potato and leek soup served hot has been around in France since … Continue reading

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Shrimp in Pernod sauce. 7/30/09

Eek! I am falling behind! My sister is here to visit and I am so busy that I cannot find time to write. So, just quickly, I will report that on Tuesday we had this delicious dish. It has a … Continue reading

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More vegan summer fare. 6/25/19

I am a little late getting this posted today. My daughter and I spent the morning and early afternoon buying supplies for our Summer Solstice (Christmas in June) celebration. On Tuesday we had such a tasty summer vegan meal. I … Continue reading

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BFD (Breakfast for Dinner). 6/3/19

Today we had a little outing to Sonoma County Wine Country which is about one and a half hours away. Our plan is to pick up our wine club selections and treat ourselves to a nice lunch. There are not … Continue reading

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Shrimp and brown rice. 4/23/19

Yesterday I made a 9”x 9” glass oven-proof dish of brown rice using the oven method. It’s not as fast as using the Instant Pot but it turns out great rice every time. See end of post for instructions. I used … Continue reading

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