Anniversary dining out. 7/15/21

Thursday John and I went out to celebrate being married for 49 years. The actual date is Saturday and we will continue celebrating then as well. We did not actual have a wedding but eloped instead finding a Justice of the Peace in the yellow pages (when actual books of phone numbers existed!) Anyway John and I have been married a long time and cooking together for a long time. Maybe cooking together is a key to a successful marriage!

So the following are pictures of our dinner last night and it will show that I do not diet every day of my life plus I did not feel guilty while having our celebration dinner. No doubt I will pay for this at the scale this week but I am confident in my ability to just eat correctly the rest of the week and the extra pounds will come off.

Amuse bouche – Pork confit on top of a cucumber slice with shishito jam
First course – Ahi tuna in leche de tigre with plums, scallions, and sweet potato chips
Salad – Baby lettuces, crispy new potatoes, ocopa, huacatay, cucumbers, and radishes
Main course – Seared king salmon, corn purée, zucchini, pickled cauliflower, and leeks
Dessert – Summer pavlova, apricot ice cream, meringue, plum sauce, and creme chantilly (plus a little extra anniversary surprise dessert)

In looking over what I have just pictured, this dinner minus dessert would not have been too bad from a diet point of view. After all there was lots of fish and vegetables! What I failed to mention, however, is that this restaurant is associated with a winery so there was also copious amounts of wine. Good thing that our anniversary only comes once a year!

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