Purim, when all food is triangular 3/16/22

Our Purim celebration featured a lot of triangular food. The triangular theme represents the hat of Haman, the evil bad guy. Haman was plotting to get all the Jews killed but Queen Esther out-smarted him. So on Purim we celebrate Esther’s triumph, the saving of the Jews, we read the Book of Esther from the Bible, and eat Haman’s hat.

Triangular crudite and crackers with hummus for an appetizer
Crab Rangoon with dipping sauce (I know that shellfish is not Kosher)

Actually we just walked down the frozen food aisle and picked out anything that was triangular. We also had samosas. They looked a lot like the crab Rangoon and the spanakopita. For dessert we had our daughter’s hamantashen, or Haman’s hats. They are yummy cookies with prune in the middle.


And for a special treat, here are a couple of pictures of our daughter from 1983 in her Queen Esther costume.

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