Tilapia with sheet pan veg. 3/15/22

Sautéed tilapia and tartar sauce with sheet pan squash and cauliflower

We tend to buy frozen fish and shellfish. Costco has some good seafood products at reasonable prices so we always keep salmon, Chilean sea bass, shrimp, scallops, and some sort of white fish in the freezer. For our mild white fish we have been using mahi mahi but I find it a little too fishy. On our last trip to Costco we bought a bag of tilapia.

Tilapia has the reputation as being a pretty nothing fish. I figured it would be good for making tacos, maybe putting in our sesame bowl, or making fish sticks. Tonight we tried it out for the first time just as fillets sautéed in a pan. John cooked the fish a little too much but it was okay. There is a learning curve with something new. Next time I figure he will nail it.

Along with the fish, I made some tartar sauce and sheet pan vegetables. The butternut squash and cauliflower turned out really well, delicious and sweet. I decided on an oven temperature of 425F on the convect setting. The vegetables were cooked in 20 minutes with some nice browning from the olive oil I tossed them in.

I was quite pleased at our first foray with tilapia. I think it will definitely be great as fish sticks and in tacos. I’d love to batter and deep fry it but, you know, healthy lifestyle!

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