Anniversary dinner 7/17/22

This road trip we are taking through Canada and the Pacific Northwest is in celebration of John and my 50th Anniversary! Yes, by simply cooking together you too can achieve fifty years of wedded bliss! Haha, just kidding, it takes a lot of work, consideration, and compromise to make it through the hard times so you can enjoy the good times.

We chose, Maenam, a contemporary Thai restaurant in Vancouver, for our celebration dinner. We have celebrated with dinner there several times and it does not disappoint. The chef prepared a wonderful tasting menu. After so many fast food or chicken wing dinners, it was a real treat. Here are a few of the items we had.

Steamed mussels with nam jim

Sweet and sour ling cod

Thai salmon salad

I even ate dessert which I almost never do but it was right up my alley, small, not very sweet, and with some texture.

Semifreddo with crispy rice noodles
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