Breakfast for Dinner 7/3/22

Breakfast for Dinner

Even though we are on vacation, Sunday is Breakfast for Dinner day! Since we cannot be buying a ton of vegetables and then have to throw them out because we can’t take them on a road trip, I had to be more inventive with my shopping. Harmon’s, a local grocery store here in Utah, has a very comprehensive salad bar and a lot of containers of pre-cut vegetables. So I bought a container of carrot sticks and celery sticks, one onion, a few mushrooms, a stalk of broccoli (which was partially used on Saturday for penne with shrimp and broccoli), and a container from the salad bar with some cabbage, snow peas, and cooked bacon (the bacon was for John’s omelet.) We bought a dozen eggs when we first arrived figuring they would be useful for breakfasts and Sunday dinner. All in all we have spent less than $100 for food for four dinners and three breakfasts. Going out to eat would be much more expensive in dollars and calories!

My dinner was simple to prepare. After some minimal chopping up, I started the mushrooms and onions in a little oil first, then added the carrots and celery followed by the broccoli florets and the snow peas. For seasoning I used salt, garlic powder, red pepper flakes, soy sauce (free packets next to the sushi at the grocery store), and some Taco Bell fire sauce packets that we have accumulated and brought from home. The eggs were simply scrambled in a separate pan and put on top.

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