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🍤 Back to sane eating. 9/30/19

Apple pie! Soup with a stick of butter in it! Hunks of homemade bread! Yes, I ate it all yesterday but as I used to tell my classes at Weight Watchers, you are not overweight because you ate a piece … Continue reading

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🍗 Three cup chicken 9/16/19

One thing I am learning from keeping track of everything I eat is that I have been eating in a pretty healthy manner except between 5PM and 7PM. Between those hours John and I would drink our glasses of wine … Continue reading

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Share dessert. 8/1/19

I am sure you already do this but I thought I would bring it up anyway. My mantra used to be, never eat a dessert after a meal, save it for a special time when you can eat and savor … Continue reading

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Vegan/vegetarian grilling. 7/8/19

It is summer and time for firing up the grill and having delicious burgers. Portobello mushrooms take the place of meat in tonight’s healthy grilled dinner! After marinating the burger-sized portobello caps in oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, and garlic powder … Continue reading

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Chipotle bean burger. 5/23/19

As we gear up for Memorial Day weekend you may be thinking about a good non-meat burger to offer to your guests. For tasty ease I would suggest Morningstar Spicy Chipotle Bean Burger*. This bean buger is not trying to … Continue reading

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Mediterranean vegan spaghetti. 4/18/19

We got back from our trip yesterday and I am ready to get cooking again! John and I each gained about 4 lbs. eating our way across the Atlantic, Spain, and France. We are going to work on this weight … Continue reading

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Cruise dining. 3/28/19

We have spent all day yesterday flying across the country and we have landed in San Juan, Puerto Rico where we board our ship. It is easy to overeat on a cruise ship. The food is endless. My plan for … Continue reading

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