Penne with shrimp and broccoli 7/2/22

Penne with broccoli and shrimp

We are on vacation! This is our 50th wedding anniversary road trip!! We have already spent two driving days where we went through some beautiful and also some desolate country. Here are a couple of pictures-

Heading up to Sonora Pass in the Sierra Nevada mountains

US 6 out of Tonopah, Nevada

We are settled for a few days in St. George, UT where we are staying at a condo with a fully equipped kitchen. The first night we made chicken wings and cole slaw and Saturday night we made penne with broccoli and shrimp. we took a few shortcuts since this is vacation after all! The shrimp was already cooked and the salad that we started with was pre-made. I did chop up some onion and the broccoli. We seasoned the vegetables with salt, garlic powder, oregano, and red pepper flakes. The sauce was a combination of pasta water and olive oil. I cooked the onion first and added the broccoli and shrimp in with a cup of hot pasta water right ahead of the cooked pasta.

Certainly I like eating out when on vacation but I also like shopping in different markets and cooking some of my own food. It keeps me better under control.

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