Buffalo chicken wings 8/25/22

Buffalo chicken wings with carrots, celery, and blue cheese (picture from July road trip)

On Thursday I got sidetracked with planning a trip to Boston with my best friend and dinner got lost in the excitement. Luckily we had bought a bag of frozen chicken wings and made a dinner of them plus a couple of carrots and two ribs of celery. So while I was busy texting back and forth and trying to find flights etc., John cooked up the chicken wings. The wings, from Foster Farms, were already seasoned and John baked them at 425F for 22 minutes and then turned the oven to 450F for an additional seven minutes. We had these once before and they came out a little flabby so he made sure they were crisp.

This was not the healthiest of dinners but better than John’s first suggestion which was pizza delivery. I give myself a lot of credit for turning his suggestion down.

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