Celebration dinner. 7/14/18

It is not quite our anniversary but we decided to have an early celebration.  No doubt we will be celebrating again on Tuesday. Forty-six years of marriage deserves a lot of celebrating!

We are dining at Navio, the fine dining restaurant at the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay, CA. We opt for the chef’s tasting menu. It seems like a lot to eat but the portions are very small. Here are some pictures and descriptions from the dinner.

Amuse bouche-avocade cream, uni, and caviar in a buckwheat shell

Ahi tuna ribbons with mustard fruit, black sesame, and basil

King salmon with pumpernickel, sorrel, and smoked onion

Rabbit with foie gras, morrel mushrooms, and favs bean

Cappuccino coffe mousse with vanilla creme

These were all really good. In addition we had an amuse bouche of hamachi and a pasta dish which was less successful. (I forgot to take a picture!)

It was such a nice evening. The serving personnel were pleasant and we met a nice couple at a nearby table who were celebrating their 12th anniversary.

Happy Anniversary to us!!


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