Porchetta. 4/7/19

I have been a little derelict with posting to my Omnivore site while we have been on vacation. This is partly due to the fact that I am busy writing my travel/personal blog every day and partly because I am lazy. Sorry.

Anyway, for lunch today they had porchetta and it reminded me of the feeble attempt that we made just before Christmas, 2017. A porchetta is a pork loin book cut so it is a large rectangular, thin piece of meat. It is rubbed with a garlic/fennel mixture, rolled up and tied. We cooked our low and slow. This is what it looked when sliced.

Our attempt at porchetta. I kind of hid it behind the vegetables

So it did not come so great. It was a little dry and it had been hard to roll up so there wasn’t any pretty spiral. No wonder John was awe struck when he saw the beautiful porchetta made by the chefs on the ship. He definitely has porchetta envy.

John’s beautiful photo of the porchetta on the ship

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